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Thread Vein Removal Prices

Thread Vein Removal

Many people are these days opting for minor non-surgical cosmetic procedures to improve on aesthetics, and one of the most common is Thread Vein Removal. Thread veins or Spider Veins are mostly problematic and prominent on the legs and face, and there are two non-invasive, relatively pain-free and effective treatments available to remove them, Scelerothetapy and IPL/Laser Treatment.

The Cost of Thread Vein Removal Treatment

Thread Vein Removal Prices differ depending on the type of treatment you have and at the discretion of the clinic you use. As with any cosmetic procedure, before asking for quotes on prices from private clinics it is best to consult your GP, as there are extreme cases of Thread Veins which can be treated on the NHS.

For IPL treatment at a private clinic you can expect to pay between £100-£400 depending on the size of the area treated, and for this reason it is probably best to only treat areas of the face with lasers.

The prices for Sclerotherapy start at around £150 for an hour’s treatment, but again may differ depending on the size of the area(s) to be treated.

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Pricing information for Thread Vein Removal

Laser and IPL Thread Vein Removal

Lasers can be used to treat Thread Veins on the face, body and legs, and this would usually require a course of around 3-4 treatments. Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is directed at the problem area and can treat both large and small thread veins. The intense laser pulses cause the vessel walls of the vein to collapse and be absorbed by the body. This is a completely non-invasive treatment and will leave the treated area smooth and completely free of marks and blemishes. An alternative to IPL is microwave technology, which has a similar effect on the vein’s structure and consequent obliteration. Laser treatment is so effective that potential patients can have the procedure on your face in your lunch hour and return to work afterwards. The IPL and Laser treatments is completely safe and is a painless with many patients even combining it with other skin rejuvenation procedures as part of a facial.

Thread Veins

Sclerotherapy Vein Removal

The second method of Vein Removal that's commonly used is known as Sclerotherapy. This involves the medical practitioner using a micro needle to inject an irritant solution into the chosen vein, which damages and perishes the vessel lining over a course of treatments. The body then recognises the targeted collapsed vein as damaged tissue and reabsorbs it. Sclerotherapy is only recommended as a treatment for the body and legs, as finer veins on the face are harder to inject and may therefore affect surrounding areas or overlying skin. The injections are virtually painless and the procedure takes up to 40 minutes to treat all veins.

Immediately afterwards there may be some discomfort and it is not recommended to have this procedure during hot weather or to participate in sports soon afterwards. The veins may turn black before they begin to fade, and results are unnoticeable for the first three weeks. However, after three months the veins will have faded significantly, and within a year they will have improved up to 90%. This Sclerotherapy treatment for vein removal will last a number of years and is completely permanent solution for the areas treated, however this will have no impact in preventing effect new veins from appearing over time.

What are Thread Veins?

Thread Veins are tiny blood vessels that run very close to the surface and are usually blue or red in colour. Often called Spider Veins due to their appearance, they are fine capillary veins which normally develop as a consequence of age. They also appear quite commonly after pregnancy and are also associated with exposure to the elements and the sun. As well as this the chances of them developing can be influenced by other such lifestyle choices as alcohol consumption excessive sun exposure.

For further details on what Thread Veins and Varicose Veins are, how they develop, the complications that could develop should they be left untreated and the various methods available for removing them then you can take a look at the Varicose Veins section of the NHS Choices website.

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