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Advanced Electrolysis Treatments for Facial & Red Thread Veins

Advanced electrolysis is nothing but advanced cosmetic procedure that has the ability to treat multiple disorders like facial thread veins, red thread veins, warts, spider veins, blood spots, pigmentation marks and the like. As far as the equipment used for advanced electrolysis is concerned, it is almost the same as is used in hair removal but with a few variations in the make. The procedure too differs in some ways.

The various ways employed in the advanced electrolysis treatment

Different ways are employed in the advanced electrolysis treatments for facial & red thread veins. It is interesting to note about the various causes for facial thread veins. Some of these causes include hereditary, hormones, pregnancy, smoking, exposure of the body to varied temperatures, especially to harsh weather and the like. Aging also prompts facial thread veins. Hence it is important to identify the cause and take a note of the age of the patient well before deciding to employ the method of treatment of facial thread veins by advanced electrolysis. An able and a well-trained surgeon would never fail to adopt these measures before beginning the treatment. People tend to develop facial thread veins as veins begin to lose their elasticity and become dilated. In fact they appear as permanently dilated capillaries. A pre-sterilized disposable needle is connected to electric current and the blemish or the spot is removed by releasing the amount of current that is needed, usually in small amounts.

The same procedure is adopted even in the treatment of the red thread veins in the body of the patient. It is indeed true that slight discomfort may be felt by the patient during the treatment, but it is for sure that the patient would be in a position to withstand the discomfort. He or she need not worry about the side effects in the treatment.

Advantages of the advanced electrolysis treatment

There are quite a few advantages of the advanced electrolysis treatments for facial & red thread veins. One of the main advantages is that the patient is relieved of the embarrassment of carrying facial thread veins or the red thread veins. Secondly the treatment offers a kind of permanent solution to the problem of thread veins in the sense that they are removed once for all. It is a kind of surgery that needs a minimum time for healing. Healing takes place within a period of just 10 days.

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