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Facial Thread Vein Removal

Facial Thread veins are those red or sometimes purple-blue veins on the face; usually are around the nose but can spread up on to the cheeks. The vast majority of the face veins are bright red in colour; due to the fact that the blood inside them is more oxygenated .
These facial thread veins are very different from the veins found on the legs; so are the treatments that are effective for these blood vessels on the face differ from the treatments used for leg thread veins. This difference is due to the face being much more exposed to the sun and weather compared to the legs which is usually hidden from the sun.

Different types of treating facial thread vein

There are four main techniques of treating facial thread vein. All of these techniques work by destroying the blood vessel using heat.

1)Electrolysis/Electrocoagulation: Electrolysis or Electrocoagulation is sometimes called diathermy electrolysis. This procedure works by the passage of electric current through the skin using a needle that causes heat to be generated. This heat produced by the electrolysis current destroys the blood vessel. It is worth noting that although other vessels can form, the ones that are treated with electrolysis will never re-emerge again.
2)Intense Pulsed Light(IPL): This procedure works by using light energy to heat the blood in the thread veins, causing the wall of the thread veins to be destroyed by the heat. With this technique, the whiter the skin, the more light it reflects; thereby making it easier to be treated. Up to 2 or 3 sessions are usually required with IPL technique, for effective facial thread removal.
3)Laser: This procedure is very similar to the IPL treatment, in that intense light energy is transferred to the pigment in the blood, the haemoglobin of the affected facial thread vein. This light then heats the blood up very quickly destroying the small thread vein walls, which get inflamed and vanished away.
4)Vein Wave: Veinwave is another treatment of thread veins on the face. Veinwave is more suitable for patients with darker complexions.

What about treatment through injection?

Unlike leg thread veins, facial spider veins are mainly arterial in nature, and therefore should not be injected. The veins in the skin on the face area drain through a vein by the eye and go back into the blood vessels around the brain called the cavernous sinus. Injections of drugs into this system can end up causing a condition called cavernous sinus thrombosis - a clot formed inside these blood vessels in the centre of the brain. This can be a very dangerous condition and therefore such injections are not recommended, except in really rare conditions.

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