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Microwave Treatment for Thread Veins

What are Thread Veins

Thread veins are a common affliction affecting both men and women. They are also known as spider veins and can form on any part of the body, although they are most often found on the face and legs. Thread veins form when blood pools in capillaries, and they are one to two millimetres in diameter. Thread veins can be caused be a variety of factors including, pregnancy, alcohol, smoking, or exposure to extreme temperatures. Some thread veins have no clear cause. Thread veins can become more visible as people age and the skin thins. Thread veins are not harmful, but some people find their appearance unsightly. Thread veins can be easily removed, one of the ways of removing them is through the use of microwave technology.

How Microwave Treatment works

Microwave vein removal works on the principle of Thermo-Coagulation. In this treatment, the high frequency wave (microwave) heats up the vein which destroys it. The microwave is set up so it only damages the vein and not the surrounding skin. The heat destroys the walls of the vein causing it to collapse. Once the vein has collapsed it is absorbed by the natural processes of the body over a period of time. The treatment is permanent, however new thread veins can appear in the future, especially if lifestyle factors are not addressed.

What happens in a Microwave Treatment

In a Microwave thread vein removal treatment, the practitioner applies the wave through a very thin needle which is inserted into the vein. The procedure typically takes less than half an hour. Depending on the nature and severity of the thread veins more than one treatment may be required to fully remove the vein. After a treatment, people are able to go back to their activities straight away. The treatment is not considered to be especially painful, however some people experience mild pain, or a burning sensation during the injection. After the treatment, redness in the treatment area may be experienced for some weeks.


The cost of microwave treatment for thread veins depends upon the extent of the treatment required and the number of sessions. An individual session typically costs in the region of £150 to £250. Some clinics offer discounts if a course of treatments is required. Many clinics advertise their prices on the internet so it is easy to compare prices. Microwave treatment may not be suitable for some patients who have skin infections. Pregnant women are usually advised to refrain from the treatment. The clinic will be able to give advice if you have any concerns about your suitability for this treatment.

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