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VeinWave Treatment

What is VeinWave?

VeinWave is a new treatment specifically designed to get rid of thread veins which most often appear on the face and legs. Many adults suffer from thread veins (essentially broken capillaries), which are painless and harmless, but can be unsightly.

VeinWave works by a process called microthermocoagulation, which involves directing very high-frequency microwaves via a very fine probe into each vein. The probe penetrates the skin just a few thousandths of a millimetre. It heats the vein and destroys it and the blood within the vein (which gives it its dark colour) is gradually absorbed into the surrounding tissue and so the vein is no longer visible. The treatment is permanent, very quick and, according to patient testimonials, almost painless, similar to a flicking of the skin or having a hair pulled out. Sometimes there may be some reddening of the skin immediately after the treatment but this fades within a couple of days.

Who is Eligible?

Almost anybody who suffers thread veins can be eligible for the treatment. In fact, people who have reported poor effects with laser treatment have had more success with VeinWave. The microwaves used penetrate the skin only to a tiny degree and are not harmful.

Skin must be free from make-up and before the session the skin will be cleaned thoroughly to ensure this. People who have self tanning lotion on their skin cannot be treated with VeinWave - they should book an appointment when there is no make up on their skin. As the treatment is very comfortable compared to other vein treatments, even those with low pain thresholds can tolerate it.

Patients undergoing this should be aware that after the treatment they will need to stay out of direct sunlight for a few days, or use sunblock.

People who have a pre-existing condition which predisposes them to lots of broken veins may obviously be at risk of developing more veins in other areas - but the original broken veins cannot come back. Once they have been destroyed they will no longer be visible.


Each case is different and costs will also vary depending on location. VeinWave is a treatment that is now offered in many different parts of the UK and is also available in the USA - in fact it is the only treatment of its kind to be FDA approved in the States.

Clinics in London offering this relatively new technology start prices from around £50-£75 and go up to around £200 per session.

In some cases areas may need retreating, but often enough each area will just have to be treated with one session. Re-treatment of the same area should not be within four or five weeks of the original treatment.

Other Considerations

Finding a properly trained and experienced practitioner is very important even with a minimally invasive treatment like this. This treatment is very unlikely to leave any scarring or pigmentation but with the wrong practitioner this is always a possibility. Prospective patients should not be swayed by a cheap price and should be wary of clinics who quote one price for everyone - many clinics give a guide price but individual consultations will come up with an individual figure for the treatment, as this will depend on the size treated.

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